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Or just an inchpebble?

Nice round number in the weight loss project. As you may know, I’m trying to lose a significant amount of weight. The doctor told me I should lose 75 pounds (2.2 pounds = 1 kg.) That was ten months ago. As of yesterday, I’ve lost 50 of them. My personal goal is another 15 pounds beyond what the doctor recommended, so I have between 25 and 40 pounds to go.

I also am off one of my medicines. I ran out of one prescription for a day or two, but once I’d refilled it I noticed that my blood sugar was remaining steady, so I never started it back up. I’m seeing the doctor next week and will double-check with her then. But for now, I’m down to one diabetes medicine. And I’m hoping to get off that one too next time. My dosage is already pretty small. If that works, I will be managing my diabetes with nothing but diet and exercise!

I haven’t checked my blood pressure lately, but my blood sugar is staying in reasonable ranges. I think I’m licking this thing!

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  1. A life in the day » Extra Weight Says:

    […] ; site admin @ 1:14 pm No not on me, although I’m not as low as at my recent milestone. I’ve been teasing cyclist friends for years about their obsess […]

  2. Andrea Says:

    I am also diabetic and the only thing iam doing is exercise and diet.

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