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Cool hunting is real

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It turns out that coolhunting is a real job. William Gibson’s marvelous book Pattern Recognition introduced Cayce Pollard, whose job it is to spot the coolest trends. I thought it was a wonderful conceit, just close enough to the edge of reality to be plausible. But no, I’m sure Gibson must have read Malcolm Gladwell’s 1997 New Yorker piece (hat tip to wetciv for the link).

I can’t figure out if that enhances my memory of the book or detracts from its edginess. And now I’m starting to wonder if there might have been interviews with Gibson back when which even mentioned the Gladwell essay, things repressed by my admiration for Gibson and my general feeling that an author who mostly writes science fiction is supposed to invent subjects like this.

In any case, if it turns out that the Footage is real, I want to know immediately!

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Gibson claimed not to be aware of this article when he wrote the book (I’m pretty sure this article is the same one he was asked about when i saw him in Boston). OTOH, he also claims that his predictions about the future come from watching what’s happening today, and picking the things that have to happen.

    What I think is more disturbing is how far beyond his concepts of “salesmanship” guerilla marketing had already gone by the time his book was published.

    It might be time to read PR again.


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