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An answer leading to a new question

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I noticed that the American Diabetes Association has an Ask the Pharmacist link, which is perhaps not what I really wanted for researching the infections/blood sugar link, but might help. It’s an excellent service, provided in fact by RiteAid, and available online. I asked about the mechanism by which infections raise blood sugar, and within an hour or so got this response:

Thank you for using Rite Aid Clinical Services. In reviewing our drug information resources we have found that an infection is a stress on the human body. To deal with stress, your body releases hormones to help fight the infection. These hormones can raise blood sugar levels directly, and interfere with insulin, which will also affect your blood sugar levels.

It’s a great service. I have to look for an online “Ask a physician” service.

Of course now I have to go looking to find out how stress and the related hormones affect blood sugar. But this is clear-cut progress.

A big thank you to RiteAid and the American Diabetes Association!

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