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Weight a minute!

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And I thought I was doing so well with my weight. I lost about eighteen pounds in the first month. Since then I’ve gained back some of it, and am bouncing around between ten and fifteen pounds down. The trouble is that it’s still far too heavy. I need to lose sixty-five pounds more. (That’s thirty kilograms for my horde of international readers. ;-) ) My caloric intake is down substantially; my exercise has increased a lot. The blood sugar numbers are reasonable, although I’d like them a little lower. Blood pressure is around 125/75. Now if I can only get the weight down.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 120 Tuesday am: 114.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 110, Monday am: 97.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 115, Sunday am: 116.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 92, Saturday am: 122.

Blood sugar: Thurdsay pm: 139, Friday am: 104.

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 92, Thursday am: 103.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 102, Wednesday am: 95.

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Does your workplace have a gym? Using the one here has made the disipline of working out quite a bit easier. And after a year of working out ~3 times a week, I can burn about 500 calories in half an hour of cardio.

  2. Scott Sauyet Says:

    The entry has been somewhat edited since the comment. (Instead of preview, I posted it, and had a reader while I was still editing. I’ve really gotten big time, huh? :-O )

    I do belong to a gym, but I haven’t been using it lately. When the weather gets bad, I’ll go back to it, but for now it’s long walks with the dog. The smallest loop I can do in my neighborhood without backtracking is 4.2 miles, so I walk that in 65 - 70 minutes, which is fairly brisk.

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