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Comparison Dieting

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Just when I think I’m doing great with fasting blood sugar levels of 100 - 120, and bedtime levels 100 - 140, I hear from Hosea Kelly, from my diabetes training class, whose levels are 85 - 95 and 100 - 135. Show off! :-) Actually, congratulations to Hosea for doing so well! I am actually quite pleased with my progress. I’m hoping my HbA1C levels end up pretty good at the three month mark.

Still eating too much ice cream. Not a lot in any one day, but I keep finding my levels are low enough that I can justify a little. Not a good idea except as a special treat, but this one’s turning out to be harder than I thought. Even harder than orange juice, which I thought would be the killer.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 81, Tuesday am: 109.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 132, Monday am: 119.

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  1. Nashawn Says:

    An A1C test, also known as a glycated hegolmobin test, isn’t used for diagnosing prediabetes or diabetes. Instead, it gauges how well you’re managing your diabetes.Unlike a fasting blood glucose test or a daily finger stick, both of which measure your blood sugar level at a given time, the A1C test reflects your average blood sugar level for the past two to three months. Test results show what percentage of your hegolmobin — a protein found in red blood cells — is sugar coated (glycated).

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