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How long do I stick with new dosage?

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I can’t figure out how long to stick with my new dosage. I was warned about diarrhea, and I had it for the first three days. Then a day without. Then back again for another day. Gone for two days. And back for two days. It’s never been severe. But twice it woke me up at my witching hour, and I couldn’t get back to sleep for hours. I guess if it wakes me up again tonight, I’ll call the doctor tomorrow. But I’m afraid that I’m just wimping out becasue I simply don’t want to increase the dosage. I want to be getting off of it altogether. Mild diarrhea is nothing new for me. I get it often enough and don’t think twice about it. Hmm….

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 140, Sunday am: 105.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 119, Saturday am: 102.

Blood sugar: Thurdsay pm: 114, Friday am: 102.

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 99, Thursday am: 97.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 154, Wednesday am: 110.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 142, Tuesday am: 105.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 98, Monday am: 117.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 131, Sunday am: 102.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 144, Saturday am: 143.

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  1. Boxs Says:

    Listen to your doctor! I prensetly take 80 units of Lantus. That is down from 94 and I hope to bring it down more as I get more weight off. I have never seen any reports like this, except on what I call scare sites that do this just to confuse people and make it more difficult for patients to listen to their doctor. I have been on lantus for 7+ years as my diagnosis was not done properly and when it should have been. To much time had passed and some damage had been done. Oral medications did nothing for me even with cutting carbs.I see an endocrinologist and I am Type 2 on insulin and also take Novolog at mealtime. If you can supply the URLs for the reports, I would be most interested as I think I can debunk them. -9Was this answer helpful?

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