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Although the doctor (and the medical student on rotation in her office) seemed very happy with my overall progress, my dosage of medicine is still increasing. I’ve lost fourteen pounds in the last six weeks, got my blood pressure down to around 125/80. My fasting blood glucose is generally 100 - 120 mg/dl, and two hours after a meal it’s 100 - 150 mg/dl.

The doctor would clearly like to see my sugars still lower. She’s upped my metformin dosage from 750 mg per day to 1000. Last time I tried upping my dosage I ended up with gastrointestinal problems. She says to live with them for a few days if they are not severe to see if I can adjust. I’m sure I will adjust, but I really don’t want to. I’m hoping to get off all medicine as soon as possible. I know that most people can’t do that, but I’m shooting to be part of the five percent who can. I’m still on 5 mg per day of glipizide ER, too, and I thought she was going to have me off that one by now. Interesting. I was sure I would always be one to ignore doctor’s instructions I don’t like; but I’m sticking with it for now. And I’m going to try for still lower numbers for my next visit. (not until October!)

Blood sugar: Thurdsay pm: 133, Friday am: 117.

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 138, Thursday am: 117.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 136, Wednesday am: out of test strips.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 103, Tuesday am: 103.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 115, Monday am: 102.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 152, Sunday am: 131.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 122, Saturday am: 119.

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