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Bodily signals

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It’s very strange not to be able to interpret certain signals from my body. I can’t easily distinguish between “too full” and “starving”. I guess it’s the change in my eating habits, but when my stomach isn’t quite right, I have to stop and think about how much I’ve eaten recently to figure out what I should be doing. It’s an odd dissociation. I just expect to stay in tune with what my body is doing. Very odd…

Blood sugar: Thursday pm: 112, Friday am: 117.

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 129, Thursday am: 117.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    - wow Kim! sounds like you had a fuaulobs time and that India has really touched your heart! You are lucky to have been able to experience all that and I can’t wait to read all the stories you have to share! Im really proud of you for doing this..most people would chicken out..it is a big deal to step out of your safety zone and adopt to a new world! welcome back!!

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