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It’s amazing to note how difficult it is to intentionally start a routine. Falling into routines is quite easy, but doing it on purpose, well… At first, you’re religious about it. I didn’t miss a morning or evening reading once. I rememberd my pills every morning. I had a small snack two hours after each meal.

I managed to be good for about a month. This weekend things started to fall apart a bit. Saturday night I came back from the fireworks show and forgot to take a reading. I know I forgot to, but I think I didn’t want to admit it to the Doctor. If it’s not that, I can’t figure out why the next morning I filled the entry in with a reading I’d taken midday on Saturday. (So, Dr. Lampugnale, if you read this, one of my evening entries was not accurate. Mea cupla.) Sunday I worked around the barn, straight from breakfast to lunch with no snack. I don’t think I overdid lunch, but it’s hard to tell for sure sometimes. I was sure I wouldn’t do that again for a while; but I did it again on Monday! Then Tuesday morning I’m pretty sure I forgot to take my pills. What kind of routine is this?! And on Tuesday night I overate, sending my blood sugar up to 180!

Gotta get my groove back.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 181, Wednesday am: 125.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 112, Tuesday am: 121.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 160, Monday am: 118.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: ???, Sunday am: 110.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 117, Saturday am: 126.

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