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I need to read more about the effects of exercise on blood sugar. I remember being told in class that it can in fact increase blood sugar. It sounded, though, as if that was less likely than a reduction. Yet I’ve picked up some long walks before breakfast, fairly aerobic, and each time my blood sugar has increased 5 - 15 mg/dl over the course of the walk. Those aren’t huge increases, but I don’t really understand the mechanism. Is it simply increased metabolic rate stimulating the liver to release more glucose? I may have to see what happens if I try eating breakfast first.

Not much posting lately. I hit my lowest reading yet last night: 86. I really have to get some sugar pills or raisins or something handy in case I hit low sugar reactions. I imagine that if I can reduce from 136 one evening to 86 the next, I have to be prepared to go significantly lower still.

Blood sugar: Thurdsay pm: 86, Friday am: 104.

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 136, Thursday am: 103.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 171, Wednesday am: 119.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 170, Tuesday am: 113.

Blood sugar: Sunday pm: 122, Monday am: 111.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 102, Sunday am: 107.

Blood sugar: Friday pm: 121, Saturday am: 120.

Blood sugar: Thursday pm: 140, Friday am: 114.

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