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Big Lunch

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I’ve been testing my blood sugar many times each day to see what effect eating at various times and in various quantities has on it. The most interesting result for me is that it seems I can get away with a much larger lunch than dinner. Last week, when I ate more at lunch than at dinner, my fasting levels came down to 100 - 120. This week, I’ve reduced lunch in favor of dinner and my fasting levels are 120- 140. But in each case, the readings just before and two hours after a meal have bounced around between 110 and 150, with no particular consistency.

I’m hoping not to increase my medication. I’m on Glucophage XR, 750mg/day, and I’d rather not increase the dosage. In fact, I hope I can get off of medication relatively soon. But I understand that there has been little sign of any noteable effect at doses below 1500mg/day. I think it’s because of gastro-intestinal side-effects that the dosage usually starts low and is gradually increased. If I can’t get the morning readings down below 120, I know Dr. Lampugnale is going to suggest I increase the dosage. I think I’ll really have to concentrate on having small dinners.

The other news of course, is that there has been no news. This is the first time since I started this journal that I skipped a day posting, and in fact I skipped several. But never fear, I’ll still keep my loyal listener informed of his blood sugar levels. (Oops, did I just let it slip that I’m the only one reading this, dear diary?) :)

Blood sugar: Wednesday pm: 104, Thursday am: 136.

Blood sugar: Tuesday pm: 153, Wednesday am: 122.

Blood sugar: Monday pm: 214, Tuesday am: 126.

4 Responses to “Big Lunch”

  1. Chuck Says:

    You’re not the only reader, I read it regularly, I’m just a bad commenter.

  2. Scott Sauyet Says:

    Hey, world, I have a reader!

    I think there is one other too. Are you still out there Mike? :-)

    Two readers, folks! Two! Andrew Sullivan, watch out!

    Maybe I’d better start posting again.

  3. Mike Says:

    Oh yeah I am still keeping an eye on your progress. I hang in the 120’s a lot of the time and thought I was doing good. Hope I don’t have to reconsider the “no drugs, eat no carbs” approach.

  4. Scott Sauyet Says:

    I don’t know if there is an overall recommendation, but I know that for me the doctor would like to see my fasting levels 80 - 120, and two hours after a meal definitely below 180, and better below 140. I had my lowest reading yet last night: 86. So for the first time I have to start thinking about possibilities of low blood sugar. (I’ve been told that I don’t really have to worry until around 60, but if I can go from 136 one evening to 86 the next, I do have to pay attention.)

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