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Not a steady decline

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Well, one minor hope dashed. I was hoping to see a very steady decline in my blood-sugar from measurement to measurement. I knew it was unrealistic, but if the fantasy of mis-diagnosis were real and the high blood sugar was some aberration, it might quickly return to reasonable levels. It was up this morning. That seems strange; I thought morning would always be the lowest point of the day, but maybe the medicine, which Dr. Lampugnale told me would peak in early to mid-afternoon, is having a greater effect than diet and daily rhythms.

One trip through the grocery store was disheartening, looking at all the things I like which are either off-limits or severely restricted. But Amy points out that we need another trip through to see what I can have and what new things we’ll be adding to our diets.

Blood sugar: Saturday pm: 233, Sunday am: 268.

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