\n* Contributed to large application giving complete view of member health data.\n* Built screens with Spring MVC, JSPs, CSS, Dojo, and custom JavaScript.\n* Built data access subsystems using Hibernate and Spring against stored procedures on a DB2 database.\n
[[Andrews Consulting Group|http://www.andrewscg.com]] is a consulting firm specializing in J.D. Edwards work. I was part of a small team building Java web applications for mid-to-large size companies. In my time at Andrews, I:\n* Developed browser-based Java Server Faces front-end to an AS/400 system. Designed and developed a ~REST-ful style Web Services layer to interface with a RPG and ~DB2 system, and an AJAX front end. Used Java, HTML, CSS, and the ~JavaScript libraries Prototype and Rico.\n* Designed and built a user discussion portlet to work inside Plumtree Portal. Exposed the interface through a push to Blackberry users. Used ~MySQL, ~JForum and plain XML web services.\n* Designed and built HTML front end to ~SQLServer database to run as a portlet inside Plumtree. Used Wicket and iBatis.\n* Built one-stop package tracking system consuming shippers' XML feeds and converting them to a single standard HTML format. Used Java and XSLT.\n
Have designed small to mid-sized systems, and integrated larger ones out of existing pieces. Worked with large, heterogeneous, distributed teams on design. Comfortable with the UML and design documentation.
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Excellent writing skills. Open, communicative, and friendly. Willing to work as a member of a team or to take on leadership roles.\n
* Member of the Andover Board of Education\n* Technical leader of the Andover Website Committee\n* Member of the Andover Democratic Town Committee\n* Member of the Andover Elementary PTA\n
[[DST Output|http://www.dstoutput.com/]] is the printing arm of [[DST Systems|http://www.dstsystems.com/]], focusing on financial and healthcare statements and utility bills. While there, I ... \n* Led a team of three building an ~XML-flat file conversion system. Used an XML file mapping the fields of a COBOL copybook to fields in an XML Schema, a Swing GUI to create those parts of the mapping which cannot be automatically generated or which the user wants to override, and conversion routines using this mapping to transform XML documents to and from ~COBOL-style flat files. Written entirely in Java using both SAX and DOM XML processing. Used Ant, ~ArgoUML, ~JUnit, PVCS, Microfocus, and a home-grown bug-tracking wiki.\n* Led a technical team of ten on a project to provide a web front end to a ~DB2 database-driven batch system. Used Java, ~EJBs, HTML, JDBC, JSP, Ant, ~JUnit, XML, ~JavaScript, and a proprietary Struts-like system. Developed on Tomcat for a ~WebLogic deployment. Tools included Ant, ~JUnit, ~DBUnit, ~HttpUnit, Visual Source Safe, and Scarab.\n* Led a technical team of six on a project to bridge two older COBOL systems using Java and XML. Used Ant and numerous standard Design Patterns. Maintained project and user documentation in HTML, coordinated the efforts of five developers and a business analyst, provided program frameworks and code samples, and integrated contributors' code.\n* Built a Content Management / Rules Gathering system using Struts, servlets, applets, and HTML. Used Ant and ~JUnit and UML tools. Ran against a ~DB2 database.\n* Designed and wrote the COBOL data handling subsystem of customer brokerage statement application as well as several Microsoft Access interfaces to the system. Used Microfocus COBOL, JCL, and DOS batch scripts.\n* Developed a Selective Messaging system using Microsoft Access both to store rules and to provide a GUI front end, and using Visual Basic to generate COBOL programs from the rules. Also built shared COBOL libraries for the applications using these generated programs. Developed in Microfocus COBOL for deployment on Windows and MVS.
Thorough experience with ~DB2, ~SqlServer, ~MySQL, Hypersonic, and Microsoft Access. Have also used Oracle, ~PostGRES, Firebird, and Informix. Skilled with SQL and JDBC. Have also used Hibernate and iBatis.\n
[[Other Information]]\n[[Community Involvement]]\n[[Education]]\n[[Skills]]\n[[Experience]]\n[[Objective]]\n
Have used Tomcat, ~JBoss, ~WebSphere, and ~WebLogic.\n
Strong skills with Ant and ~JUnit. Some experience with ~DBUnit, Canoo ~WebTest, and ~HttpUnit. Have used most of the major ~IDEs, and many other developers' tools, although still mostly code in text editors.\n
!!1998, Graduage work towards a ~PhD (not completed) in Mathematics.\n>[[Wesleyan University|http://www.wesleyan.edu]]. Middletown, CT\n>Major field of study: combinatorics\n\n!!1989, Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics.\n>[[Wesleyan University|http://www.wesleyan.edu]]. Middletown, CT\n>Minor in religion. GPA: 3.5 overall, 4.0 in math\n
Mostly worked in a Windows environment, but I do have experience with various flavors of Unix/Linux as well as IBM mainframes.\n
7/2008 - 3/2009, [[Aetna]], Middletown, CT. ''Senior Application Developer''\n2/2008 - 7/2008, [[IFX Forum]], Wakefield, MA. ''Consultant''\n3/2007 - 1/2008, [[Tickets.com]], Meriden, CT. ''Senior Software Engineer''\n7/2005 - 1/2007, [[Andrews Consulting]], Cheshire, CT. ''Consultant''\n3/2005 - 7/2005, [[Pilotfish Technology]], Wethersfield, CT. ''Solutions Architect''\n4/2004 - 3/2005, [[Personix]], Manchester, CT, ''Senior Programmer''\n3/1998 - 4/2004, [[DST Output]], South Windsor, CT, ''Senior Systems Analyst''\n\n
[[Overview|Experience]] [[Aetna]] [[IFX Forum]] [[Tickets.com]] [[Andrews Consulting]] [[Pilotfish Technology]] [[Personix]] [[DST Output]]
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[[Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) Forum|http://www.ifxforum.org/home]], maintains an open, interoperable standard for financial data exchange . While at IFX Forum, I:\n* Built a web-based maintenance application to maintain complex specification documents. Used jQuery, Wicket, and iBatis against a MySQL database.
Nine years of Java experience, including six of ~J2EE. Knowledge of all the core language, including the most recent version, and experience with many major ~APIs.
Most of my recent work has been in Java, and before that in COBOL, but I also have used C / C++, JCL, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Rexx, Ruby, and Visual Basic.
[[Objective]] <<slider experienceSlider [[Experience Menu]] "Experience" "IT Positions held over Scott's career">> <<slider skillsSlider [[Skills Menu]] "Skills" "Skills and talents Scott can contribute">> [[Education]] [[Community Involvement]] [[Other Information]]\n<<newTiddler>>
Seeking a Java design and coding position with some technical management responsibilities.\n
* More information is available at http://scott.sauyet.com/\n* The most recent and complete version of this resume is at http://scott.sauyet.com/resume/\n* References are available upon request.
[[Personix|http://www.personix.com/]] is the printing division of [[Fiserv|http://www.fiserv.com/]]. The small Connecticut office was a technology group involved in printing financial statements. While there, I ...\n* Developed Java Web Services to convert documents between HTML and a proprietary print language. Developed JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to edit HTML documents online. Connected these to ASP-based content management system. Used JMS, Apache Axis, and Java XML APIs as well as SqlServer, Visual Basic, and ASP. Worked with Ant, JUnit, Visual Source Safe, and eRoom.\n* Developed Java Web Service to convert documents to Adobe PDF format. Connected this service to ASP front end. Used Apache Axis, FOP, and JMS.
[[Pilotfish Technology|http://pilotfishtechnology.com/]] is a small firm building integration software and contracting out services on small and mid-sized projects. While at Pilotfish, I ...\n* Contributed to development of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software and used it to convert proprietary data formats to and from ACORD insurance standard XML formats. Involved working with ~DB2, Oracle, ~MySQL, and ~SqlServer databases. Exposed various capabilities as Web Services using SOAP/WSDL. Enhanced small servlet-based front-end and larger Swing interface to system. Deployed on Tomcat, ~JBoss, ~WebSphere, and ~WebLogic. Used Ant, ~JUnit, Subversion, and Trac in the development environment.\n* Developed thin-client Customer Relation Management (CRM) system in Java using Spring, Hibernate, and Tapestry. Used Java 1.5 annotations and generics, developed with Ant, ~JUnit, Subversion, and Mantis.
Have managed teams of three to ten developers on all technical aspects of a project from requirements gathering through design, development, deployment, and support. Skilled in analyzing a team's strengths, and motivating developers. No pure management experience.\n
Java and Web Programmer\n
Scott Sauyet
Professional programmer with strong [[Java|Java/J2EE]], [[J2EE|Java/J2EE]] and [[web skills|Web Technologies]]. Excellent [[technical project leader|Project Management]], experienced with small to medium sized programming teams. Exceptional [[designer|Architecture and Design]] and [[systems analyst|Architecture and Design]].\n\n|[[Java/J2EE]]|<<tiddler Java/J2EE>>|\n|[[Web Technologies]]|<<tiddler "Web Technologies">>|\n|[[Web Frameworks]]|<<tiddler "Web Frameworks">>|\n|[[Databases]]|<<tiddler Databases>>|\n|[[Web Services]]|<<tiddler "Web Services">>|\n|[[Deployment]]|<<tiddler Deployment>>|\n|[[Development]]|<<tiddler Development>>|\n|[[Languages]]|<<tiddler Languages>>|\n|[[Environments]]|<<tiddler Environments>>|\n|[[Architecture and Design]]|<<tiddler "Architecture and Design">>|\n|[[Project Management]]|<<tiddler "Project Management">>|\n|[[Communications]]|<<tiddler Communications>>|\n
[[Overview|Skills]] [[Java/J2EE]] [[Web Technologies]] [[Web Frameworks]] [[Databases]] [[Web Services]] [[Deployment]] [[Development]] [[Languages]] [[Environments]] [[Architecture and Design]] [[Project Management]] [[Communications]]
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[[Tickets.com|http://tickets.com/]], owned by Major League Baseball, sells Ticketing software to event venues and hosts. While at Tickets.com, I:\n* Built SOAP client in Apache Axis with a custom caching engine, connected to a Delphi server.\n* Designed and developed custom Java e-commerce web application, to sell tickets directly to consumers. Used Wicket, Axis, and Jaxen. Designed standards-compliant web pages in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, using jQuery. Created Ant build scripts, ~JUnit tests and ~CruiseControl tasks to manage project. Mentored and managed junior programmer in these technologies.
Experience with ~FreeMarker, JSF, JSP, Struts, Tapestry, Velocity, and Wicket. Have developed large production applications with the Spring Framework and smaller applications with Pico, ~HiveMind, and Keel.\n
Developed web services in Java with Apache Axis, and in PHP with various tools. Experienced with SOAP/WSDL. Have also designed and developed REST interfaces in Java.\n
Nine years of (X)HTML experience, eight of ~JavaScript, seven of CSS. Recent work with AJAX techniques. Also skilled with PHP, and have used ASP / ~VBScript. Strong experience with several ~JavaScript toolkits including Prototype/Scriptaculous and jQuery; have also used Dojo and ~MooTools. Skilled in standards-compliant website development.